Citizenship Of Grenada

The Grenada Citizenship program was suspended in 2001. You can read archived information for Grenada economic citizenship options below. The Grenada citizenship program is missed, but hopefully it will be re-instated sooner rather than later.

In the meantime you may consider other long standing and reliable second citizenship programs, such as Dominica Economic Citizenship and Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment .

Important Notice: The Grenada Economic Citizenship Program has been suspended by the Government of Grenada for an indefinite period. No new applications are processed or accepted at the moment. In 2001 then Grenada Finance Minister, Anthony Boatswain announced the suspension of this program, claiming that it became “too risky” in the light of the terrorist attacks in US. As of 2011, the program remains suspended. There is an alternative to the Grenada citizenship — the citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica and St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship. Contact Us for information on Dominica Citizenship or St Kitts/Nevis Citizenship .

Grenada- The Spice Island

Grenada Flag

Grenada Photo

Grenada Map

  • Grenada: 120 sq. mi. (310 km2) + Cariacou: 13 sq. mi. (33 km 2 ) + Petit Martinique: 1 sq. mi. (2.5 km 2 )
  • Population: Grenada: 100 000/ Cariacou: 9 000/ Petit Martinique: 600
  • Capital: St George’s 20 000
  • Language: English + French patois (Creole)
  • Money: EC$ 2,7 = US$ 1
  • Member of United Nations
  • Member of the British Commonwealth and CARICOM
  • Member of OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States)
  • Independent: 25 years (former British colony)
  • Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II
  • Head of the Government: Prime Minister

Travellers know Grenada as the Spice Island of the Caribbean. Grenada boast of numerous white sand beaches, in fact, the longest beach in the British West Indies is in Grenada. Grenada is not very mountainous, but is covered with evergreen tropical forest. The island is a world producer of the spice called nutmeg. Grenada is a young but very respectable offshore jurisdiction; every year it attracts more and more international investors and new citizens.

The Advantages of Grenada Second Citizenship

Second Citizenship in Grenada can be obtained through economic citizenship program. Second citizenship and 2d passport in Grenada is your insurance against unforeseeable misfortunes.

Citizenship for life

Grenada offers second Citizenship for life for an applicant spouse and dependent children.

Dual citizenship is permitted and there is no residence requirement. There is no requirement to visit Grenada during the application process. But if you want you can live here for your whole life.

Granting of Citizenship

You can be granted citizenship and your passport within 2-3 month if all documents (i.e.) application forms, declarations of Guarantor and other procedural demands are made properly. The Prime Minister will personally sign the Certificate of Registration authenticating you as a citizen of Grenada.


The validity of passports in Grenada is five (5) years. A passport which is five years old or which has no further space for visas must be replaced with a new one at the nominal cost of US$20

Visa-Free Travel

Travel visa-free to more than one hundred (100) countries including: Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland. Where a visa is required (Schengen States) it is relatively easy to obtain within one day.

Tax Free status

There are no taxes on foreign income, capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance taxes, etc.


Protection of banking accounts, real estate and businesses, both abroad and within your own country.


The Government of Grenada does not inform the country of your present residency about your second or third citizenship. While you are working with the lawyers whose office(s) are located in Grenada , information pertaining to your application for citizenship is not be accessible to the Secret Service or Law-enforcement agencies, or other persons who may be “interested” in the country where you presently reside.

Residential permit

This permit is relatively easy to obtain by citizens of Grenada wishing to reside in Canada, Bermuda, United Kingdom, Isle of Man and other countries.


You will work with the Approved Authorized Agent of the Governments of the two countries (Dominica and Grenada) who have years of experience in these matters. You have the opportunity to transfer your money with the provision of the bank Guarantee, to the special, blocked account at the Government Bank, “National Bank of Dominica”.

Required Documents for the Citizenship and Passport Application:

  • Certified photocopy of the current passport for the applicant and all members of the family (if applicable*)
  • Certified photocopy of the birth certificate (or affidavit) translated into English, for all members of the family (if applicable)
  • Certified photocopy of the marriage certificate or affidavit, translated into English (if applicable)
  • Certified photocopy of marriage dissolution certificate or affidavit (if applicable) translated into English
  • Certificate of non-criminal convictions (original) and certified translation into English for all members of the family over the age of 18 years.
  • Fingerprints for all members of the family over 18 years.
  • CV/Resume for the head of the family, with detailed information about the nature of the business or investments during the last five years.
  • Bank reference letter for the head of the family
  • Two recommendations from business partners (professionals) for the head of the family.
  • Medical certificate for all members of the family. It should contain information of height, weight of the person, color of the eyes and hair, and also should have results of HIV test.
  • Power of Attorney to CCP Inc, to represent you and your dependants in the process of the application for the citizenship (we’ll provide the form)
  • Data form for all the members of the family
  • Application for the citizenship form (we’ll provide the form)
  • Twelve colored passport size pictures

Costs, Terms, Conditions and Payments,Guarantees and Process of the Application for the Citizenship

Price for the application for the citizenship and passport of Grenada, including non-refundable investment to the economy of the country for a family of five (two adults and three dependent children under 25 years) is US$ 50,000. It includes:

  • Non-refundable investment in the economy of Grenada
  • Governmental fees
  • Procedural fees
  • Services of the Guarantor
  • Professional and legal fees of the registered agent of the Government

If your family has more than three children, you will have to pay US$ 15,000 extra to process each of these children. The duration of the procedure of the application for the granting of the citizenship and passport in Grenada for a family program are usually within 2-3 month.

Moreover, between US $ 4,000 to US $ 15,000 will be charged for the due diligence (through Interpol check and private detective). This amount depends on your country of birth, present citizenship, present residence and how often you have changed it. For example, an American or Canadian citizen born in the States and has spent his entire life there will pay US $ 4,000, while citizens of other countries can pay up to US $ 15,000. Once the investigations are completed, we will provide you with an invoice directly from the due diligences agency.

The total cost for the family program in Grenada (including a spouse and three dependent children under the age of 25) is between US $ 54,000 to US $ 56,000 for mostly all American, Canadian and Western European citizens.

Other nationalities will pay up to US $ 65,000 for that same program.

Payment Terms

Payment for the application of citizenship requires 100% prepayment before processing the application starts. You will have to transfer to “CCP Inc.” between US $ 4,000 and US $ 15,000 as a payment for conducting the background checks (Interpol and private detective agency). The balance of 50,000 will be paid after receiving a positive report from the due diligence agency and Interpol checks (this takes approximately 3 to 6 weeks).

Bank Guarantee Option of Payment

As an additional security measure, some people choose the option of payment through the Bank Guarantee from the “National Commercial Bank of Dominica” to deposit the funds. The Guarantee says that upon receipt of the corresponding amount for the purpose of processing an application for Grenada Economic Citizenship, the funds will be placed in a special account and will be released upon specific conditions. This Guarantee comes into effect upon receipt of funds on the corresponding account and expires upon return of funds to yourself or payment to CCP Inc.

Procedural steps of the application for the citizenship of Grenada

Step one:

After deciding to apply for citizenship, fill in the Data Form and send it to us by courier post with the total package of necessary documents (mentioned above). Then transfer the corresponding amount for the due-diligence to the account of “CCP Inc.”

Step two:

After receiving a positive report from the due diligence agency (3 to 6 weeks), you will have to choose one of the options of payment to pay for the US $ 50,000 balance. It could be either a straight payment to “CCP Inc.”, or a payment with the guarantee to the special blocked account in the “National Commercial Bank of Dominica”. If you choose payment with the bank guarantee, you will have to wire an additional 2% of US $ 50,000 to the account of “CCP Inc.” which is a total of US $ 1,000. The guarantee will be issued in two working days and sent to you. After that you will be able to transfer the funds to the special guarantee account at the “NCB of Dominica”.

Step three:

After receiving the confirmation of your wire transfer (either to CCP’s account or to the special blocked account of NCB), we will send you by courier post some Government forms required for the application, with necessary instructions explaining how to fill them.

Step four:

Send us back by courier post these government forms after filling and signing them.

Step five:

After your documents have been delivered to our office we prepare the application package to be presented for approval by the Government of Grenada. The Prime Minister will sign Certificates of Registration for you and the members of your family as citizens of Grenada. After that passports for all members of the family will be issued.

Step six:

There is no requirement by the Government of Grenada to visit the country during the application process. But if you wish to collect the documents yourself our representative will meet you there and assist you during your stay in Grenada.

Step seven:

We will send you your Passport and Certificates of Registration as citizen of Grenada to the address that you provide. We are also ready to offer you services, after citizenship has been granted, for opening bank accounts (with debit and credit Visa, Master Card) in Caribbean and European Banks, incorporating offshore companies (IBCs), offshore bank formation etc., with your new documents. Please visit the FAQs section on this site and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to answer all your questions. Also if you wish, we can send you a colored brochure about Grenada citizenship.

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