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Visa-free Travel on a Dominica Passport

This list comprises all countries to which visa free travel or visa on arrival is available with Dominican citizenship. Some of the countries that included are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. Use this information to consider some of the benefits that you are guaranteed upon becoming a citizen of Dominica.

Here is a list of the countries you can travel to without needing a visa if you are travelling on your Dominica passport.

Country or TerritoryEntry without VisaVisa/card issued on arrivalMaximum Duration of Stay
Anguilla3 months
Antigua & Barbuda6 months
Aruba30 days
Austria***3 months
Bahamas3 months
Barbados6 months
Belarus5 days
Belgium***3 months
Belize1 month
Bermuda6 months
Bonaire3 months
Bulgaria***3 months
Cambodia30 days
Cape Verde IslandsNot Stated
Cayman Islands6 months
ChinaAdditional conditions apply**
Chile90 days
Colombia90 days
Comore IslandsNot Stated
Cook Islands31 days
Croatia***3 months
Costa Rica30 days
Cuba30 days
Curacao3 months
Cyprus***3 months
Czech Republic*** 3 months
Denmark***3 months
Djibouti (Republic)1 month
Dominican Republic30 days
Egypt30 days
Estonia***3 months
EthiopiaNot Stated
Finland***3 months
Fiji4 months
France***3 months
Gambia30 days
Georgia90 days
Germany*** 3 months
Gibraltar6 months
Greece***3 months
Grenada6 months
Guadeloupe (French West Indies)15 days
Guernsey6 months
Guyana6 months
Haiti3 months
Hong Kong3 months
Hungary***3 months
Iceland***3 months
Iran15 days
IraqNot Stated
IrelandNot Spcified
Isle of Man6 months
Isles des Saintes (French West Indies)15 days
Israel3 months
Italy***3 months
JamaicaNot Stated
Jersey6 months
Jordan30 days
Kenya3 months
Korea (Republic)3 months
Kuwait1 month
Lao Peoples Dem. Rep.30 days
Latvia***3 months
Lesotho90 days
Liechtenstein***3 months
Lithuania***3 months
Luxembourg***3 months
Macao90 days
Madagascar90 days
Malawi90 days
Malaysia1 month
Maldives30 days
Malta***3 months
Marie Galante (French West Indies)15 days
Martinique (French West Indies)15 days
Mauritius60 days
Micronesia30 days
Montserrat3 months
Mozambique30 days
Nepal90 days
Netherlands***3 months
Nicaragua90 days
Niue30 days
Norway***3 months
Palau Islands30 days
Panama180 days
Peru183 days
Philippines21 days
Pitcairn6 months
Poland***3 months
Portugal***3 months
Romania***3 months
Rwanda*30 days
Samoa90 days
Sao Tome & Principe1 month
Sark6 months
Seychelles1 month
Singapore30 days
Slovakia***3 months
Slovenia***3 months
Solomon Islands3 months
Spain***3 months
St. Barthélemy15 days
St. Helena6 months
St. Kitts-Nevis6 months
St. Lucia6 weeks
St. Maarten3 months
St. Vincent & Grenadines6 months
Suriname90 days
Sweden***3 months
Switzerland***3 months
Syria2 months
Togo7 days
Tonga31 days
Trinidad & Tobago6 months
Turks & Caicos Islands30 days
Turkey3 months
Uganda1 year
United Arab EmiratesAdditional conditions apply****
United Kingdom6 months
Vanuatu30 days
Venezuela90 days
Virgin Islands (UK)6 months
Zambia90 days

* Prior arrangements required.

** Prior arrangements are required such as application for visa upon arrival. In China** a prearranged visa can be obtained on arrival. The length of time will depend on the port of arrival. There are specific conditions for visa issuance which are determined by the airport of entry. Other requirements may include but not limited to:

  • That the transporting airline fax all documents to arriving port
  • A passport with at least one blank page
  • Two passport pictures
  • Letter of invitation from Chinese Authorities
  • A form of confirmation that visa will be issued on arrival
  • That the sponsor meets on you on arrival

*** 3 months visa free entry within 6 months

**** Holders of normal passports and a copy of pre-arranged visa can obtain a visa on arrival, provided holding a passport valid at least 6 months on arrival. Pre-arranged visa must be deposited by the sponsor at the Immigration Authorities and can be issued for 96 hours, 30 or 90 days.

Deportation on the same flight will follow if sponsor (or representative) is not present at the time of passenger's arrival at the airport.

E-visas can be obtained via Airlines can check the validity of an e-visa at the same site by clicking on "Query DNRD APP".

Information is up to date as on October 2015 in accordance with T.I.M. (Travel Information Manual).