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Second Citizenship and 2nd Passport

First, you must report the document stolen in the country where it was stolen, ensuring that you get a register of your claim (statement). Then, you must submit a letter explaining the reason for replacement and a formal request for replacement of passport including a notarized photocopy of the police issued statement/claim. These documents must be in English. This is then forwarded to the immigration department or Legal affairs with fees and passport pictures as specified. CCP offers passport replacement services as well.

In Dominica the validity period of a child’s passport is five years; the passport for an adult is ten years. It is possible to issue passport to a child from the date of birth. A child’s passport could be signed by the child itself (depending on the age), or by one of the parents or by a legal guardian of the child. Child’s passport is a passport issued to a citizen under the age of 16.

If you are inserting a child’s name in the passports of both parents, you cannot apply for an extra passport for that child. However, if you insert the child’s name only in the passport of one of the parents, you can apply for a separate passport for that child.

Passports for adults and children contain the following information: name, middle name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, height, distinguishing marks (if applicable).

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No,the interview cannot be waived, however it will be held remote and in the native language of the applicant. There is additional cost for the interview, which will be communicated in due time.

Yes, you can, if you wish. The procedure of the citizenship renunciation differs from country to country. Dominica both allow dual citizenship so you do not need to consider renunciation, it is an individual decision based on your personal circumstances.

Yes, you can. The procedure is not very difficult. You will need to follow the procedures, and it can be done by mail or in person.

The citizenship can only be revoked if you provided false and misleading information about yourself and your family under the application for citizenship.

No, and we want to remind you once again, that the program of granting citizenship is totally legitimate. For this reason, your passport will state your real date and place of birth. It is not possible to issue a backdated passport.

Residential address is not included in the passport.

Medical Certificate can be obtained from any hospital, doctor or GP anywhere in the world.

A police certificate can be obtained from the nearest police station if you permanently reside in the country of your citizenship. If you do not reside in the country of your citizenship, you have to produce two police certificates: one from the country of citizenship, another from the country where you last legally resided for over a year. If the country of your residence is not the country of your first citizenship, you have to produce a residency permit together with a police certificate, which is usually stamped in the passport to prove that your residency was legal.

There are no legitimate and fast citizenship programs in these countries. You might get a passport, but it will be nothing but well prepared fake. You will be stopped at the first border by the immigration officers. It is a criminal offence to carry and use fake passports. These false passports are not processed properly (your name and passport is not included in the passport registry of the country) and therefore will not guarantee you the benefits of the real citizenship.

No you cannot, you should consider the option to marry before the application process begins.

Due diligence is a process of checking the information you provided in your Citizenship application form, including the Interpol check. We do not do it ourselves, the Government subcontracts independent detective agencies for this purpose. It is normally quicker and cheaper to perform due-diligence on people who lived in one place for 10 years or Americans who lived in the same state all their lives. For Dominica citizenship due diligence, the cost varies from US$4,000 to US$7,500 per person 16 years and older. Final cost depends upon: the number of people in the family, age of applicants, the country of present citizenship and current residence, and how often you changed your residence. We have no influence over such costs and you have to pay the cost directly to the agency.

Yes, you can do it. Dominica recognizes equal rights of all children. In such cases you have to produce additional documents with your citizenship application. One such document is an application letter from the biological parent explaining that he/she has no objections against the participation of the child in the citizenship program. This letter should be written in English, or translated into English and certified (notarized)..

For Dominica, there are several family options- the first, Family Application I, includes an applicant and a spouse for an investment of USD 150,000. The second, Family Application II, includes an applicant, spouse, and two children below the age of 18 for an investment of USD 175,000. Provisions for additional children are available at additional costs. Brothers, sisters and other relatives cannot apply for the citizenship as a family. Unfortunately, unisex marriage is not recognized in Dominica.

The main applicant can be a man or a woman.

No. You are bestowed 100% legitimate citizenship, backed by Constitution and necessary legislation of the country. According to this legislation, you are also exempt from the term of obligatory residence in the country (which is 5 years) in exchange for non-refundable investment into the economy of the country. Therefore, even if the program would be stopped, citizens cannot lose their citizenship other than for reasons mentioned in Q.9.

Nobody knows. Recently, these Economic Citizenship Programs were reviewed with few changes. In Grenada and Belize, such programs have been stopped. So, do not delay with your application. Apply for it as soon as possible, because tomorrow could be a day too late.

Yes, you can do it without any problems, but sometimes a declaration of the origin of assets will be required. However, in some parts of Switzerland, for example, aliens are not allowed to buy property.

Government and CCP Inc fees and terms of payment are not negotiable. We accept only monetary payments, so please, do not waste your time with such enquiries as they will not be answered.

Genuine citizenship never comes cheap. You would be expected to donate or invest from US$100,000 (In Dominica) into the economy of these countries. If someone offers citizenship cheap, it is a scam!

Watch out for company contact details. Some con agencies do not provide their addresses or direct telephone numbers. Instead, you will listen to the answer phone message, which will suggest you to leave your contact number and they will contact you.

Be also aware of stolen blank passports and well prepared fakes. Such documents are not in the Passport Registry and you can be stopped at the first border by the immigration officers. Always remember that possession of a fake passport is a criminal offence!

Always deal with a reputable company to assist you with a citizenship application. It may be worth considering some bank guarantees for your payment, but it might be at an extra cost to you.

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