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Second Citizenship by Investment Programs:

Have you ever wondered if economic citizenship or citizenship by investment is for you and why you would need a second passport? On this page of our site you will find some reasons to get second citizenship. Please also click the links "Dominica Citizenship" and "St. Kitts Citizenship" to find out the specific requirements and advantages of corresponding legitimate Citizenship-by-Investment programs and about the services we offer to our clients, as Government licensed agents.

We have been processing applications for second citizenship since 1997 to our clients full satisfaction.

Second Passport and Second Citizenship by Investment Program

Programs for granting second citizenship and second passport in return for the investments exist in many countries worldwide, for example, in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Great Britain, and Dominica and St. Kitts/Nevis. They differ mostly in five points:

  • Value of citizenship by investment
  • Whether it is refundable or not
  • Duration and complexity of procedure for accepting investment project
  • Duration and complexity of granting citizenship after investment has been made
  • Whether residency is needed to qualify as an applicant, and if so, length of residency requirement

Why a Second Citizenship?

A second citizenship by investment provides practical benefits:

If your passport:

  • Requires renewal or extension more frequently than every ten years
  • Can be arbitrarily cancelled by your Government or its representatives
  • Causes you to be the subject of undue scrutiny when entering other countries

If because of your nationality or where you live:

  • Your capacity to invest is limited or stifled
  • You are a target for terrorists
  • Your safety and livelihood are affected by terrorist activity
  • Traveling is controlled and registered by the Government
  • Excessive taxation stifles entrepreneurship
  • Excessive taxation makes having a decent amount of disposable income nearly impossible
  • Imposes mandatory military service
  • Is politically, socially or economically unstable

If you simply wish to exercise the freedom to:

  • Have an alternative place of permanent residence or second home
  • Put a contingency plan into quick effect in the interests of family
  • Access new opportunities and higher standard of living
  • Live a peaceful, fulfilling life

Second citizenship thus involves the safekeeping of a second home which can be resorted to for vacation time, safety from political, social or economic instability, and a different way of life.

Expressions of interest come from people of all walks of life – young married couples, single individuals, retirees, professionals, expats, investors and executives who are willing to make the financial contribution required for applying for the economic citizenship and citizenship-by-investment programs that we offer.

Benefits of the second citizenship by investment programs (Dominica, St. Kitts) include:

  • Citizenship for life
  • No residency requirements
  • Extensive, visa-free travel opportunities, including the Schengen Area, United Kingdom, Ireland and many other countries
  • Possibility of tax planning, since these countries do not impose tax on capital gains, gifts, inheritance and international income
  • 10 year passport validity
  • free to reside or conduct business in any CARICOM countries

To learn how a second citizenship by way of economic citizenship or citizenship-by-investment may benefit you, please contact us .

We guarantee

  • Reliable, trusted service since 1997
  • Professional execution of application process
  • High rate of application success
  • Continued support after successful application

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