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Nevis has it all: multiform foundations to preserve assets, LLCs to reduce exposure to potential future creditor claims, IBCs to trade, and trusts to transfer legal title to property. Read on for relevant facts on Nevis, what its offshore sector is like, plus our amazing incorporate packages and prices.

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About Nevis

Nevis’ 10,000 English speaking inhabitants occupy a mass of just over 36 sq miles. The island together with St. Kitts makes up the twin island federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Nevis is located in the northern Caribbean close to the Antigua. The federation has one government and constitution.

Nevis is one of the few remaining Caribbean islands left unmarked by commercial overdevelopment. The island was referred to as the Queen of the Caribees by its colonial settlers for its lush forests which are home to numerous species of fauna and flora. Relevant quick facts include:

  • 104 sq. mi. (261 km2)
  • Population: 51,000
  • Capital: Basterre
  • Language: English
  • Money: EC$ 2,7 = US $ 1
  • Member of United Nations
  • Member of the British Commonwealth and CARICOM
  • Member of OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States)
  • Independent: since September 1983 (former British colony)
  • Head of the State: Queen of England represented by Governor General
  • Head of the Government: Prime Minister

Nevis Offshore Services

Consider all that you can achieve by simply taking some time to plan your financial affairs.

While Nevis LLCs and IBCs are suitable for commercial and investment activities, share/member capital transfers, the Nevis Trust and Multiform Foundation provide a means by which property can be managed, retained, distributed and invested on your own terms.

Nevis Corporations (IBCs), LLCs and Foundations have their own legal personas. For incorporators and founders this means limited liability, separate obligations and independence. With a Nevis trust, you rely on the trustee who becomes the legal owner and person for managing the trust’s affairs.

Register your offshore device in Nevis and:

  • Plan for retirement
  • Open accounts offshore for overseas money transfers
  • Transfer and manage property on your own terms for a spouse, child or other purpose
  • Avoid corporate tax, withholding taxes, income tax, inheritance and capital gains tax
  • Trade and invest in any part of the world
  • Hedge against potential loss in litigation

Nevis offshore companies and entities are regulated by the following statutes:

  • Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance (1984)
  • Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance, (1994)
  • Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance (1995)
  • Nevis Multiform Foundations Ordinance (2005)

To learn more about Nevis offshore companies and asset protection tools, go to Nevis Corporation , Nevis Trust , Nevis Limited Liability Company ( Nevis LLC ) and Nevis Foundation .

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All Inclusive Nevis Trust Package from $1,540
All Inclusive Nevis Company Package from $1,040
All Inclusive Nevis Foundation Package from $1,340