Nevis Corporation

Nevis Business Corporation is the formal name given to International Business Companies (IBCs) that are incorporated in Nevis. They are tax free and like their IBC counterparts in jurisdictions we offer are multi-purpose. Registration requirements are easily complied with and standards are of the best quality.

Standard Nevis IBC Package from $1,040 Nevis IBC Package with Nominees from $1,290

Nevis Corporation (Nevis IBC)

IBC registration complies with the Business Corporations Ordinance 2009 wherein the rules and regulations for the conduct of commercial activities, ownership, management directors, shareholders, shares and other areas are governed.

Clients are assured a swift, professional and friendly service aimed at delivering fully constituted Nevis Corporations within 48 hours. These entities are attractive due to their:

  • Status as tax exempted companies
  • Ability to protect assets
  • Ability to trade and invest internationally
  • Legal persona and separate identity
  • Capacity to limit liability of shareholders to their respective stakes in the business

Nevis Company Formation

Nevis provides a company formation system that facilitates IBC ownership and lowering taxation on gains, profits, dividends, interests, gifts and inheritances.

  • To incorporate, just one person (legal or natural) is necessary
  • As registered agent we deal with all incorporation/Registry matters
  • Registered office which is compulsory is provided by us
  • There is no demand to appoint a secretary in order to incorporate
  • Directors and shareholders may be nominees or named by the client
  • A member may be director and shareholder simultaneously
  • A share capital must be stated
  • A Certificate of Incorporation is issued upon due registration of the Nevis IBC

Meetings, Accounts and Maintenance

  • Records of accounts must be kept safely
  • Meetings are held at convenience of directors and shareholders
  • Minutes recording resolutions and other matters must be kept safely
  • Annual renewal fees are obligatory for ensuring continue registration of the company

Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Nominee members can be appointed for additional privacy
  • IBC information can only be given upon consent of members or by court order
  • Nominee shareholders and directors provide an added layer of privacy
  • Confidentiality of identity of shareholders and directors ensured by legislation

Trademark Registration for Nevis IBCs

Company trademark registration is essential for offshore companies. When you incorporate the Nevis IBC, we recommend that all companies register the IBC’s trademarks in one, two or three jurisdictions, protecting the company name and its business marks. This ensures exclusive rights to the Nevis IBC business name and other corporate marks you own.

  • Our company trademark registration is valid for ten years, and can be renewed thereafter
  • Affordable trademark registration options in one, two or three jurisdictions
  • Reliable, efficient registration services for Nevis companies; once you have incorporated with us, we can begin the process for trademark registration

Standard Nevis IBC Package from US $1,040 Nevis IBC Package with Nominees from US $1,290