Nevis LLC

Simple administrative and capital structure ties in neatly with what Nevis offshore LLCs are all about. This structure has no board of directors, members own and manage the business and set-up has no elaborate charter, but a precise and effective agreement signed by members to run the business and establish rules.

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Nevis Limited Liability Company (Nevis LLC)

Incorporation does not entail onerous maintenance rules. Offshore LLC’s are merely required to inform agents about changes in membership, name or capital in order to formalize these changes, pay continuing registration fees, and maintain records of meetings and accounts.

Formation is easily executed, as Nevis LLCs can have a sole member (whether an individual or a corporation) who is manager and owner. No local member is required in order to incorporate.

Owners of Nevis LLC’s are guaranteed privacy by the fact that:

  • Business is done through a person other than yourself
  • A registration number is issued for identification purposes at the Registry level
  • Personal details are filed only at the Registered Office
  • Nominee shareholders and directors can be appointed
  • Regulatory provisions restrict third party information sharing

Ownership and Administration

Nevis limited liability companies are member-owned and managed but also make it possible to appoint a manager who is not a member of the company.

Member ownership entails acquiring an interest in the LLC by way of donations of cash, personalty or promissory notes for the provision of certain services.

The terms for running the business and allocating administrative duties among members are established in the Operating Agreement.

Operating Agreements along with Articles of Organization, both which are generally only a few pages in length, are the main instruments by which Nevis LLCs are constituted.

An Operation Agreement becomes effective upon its signature by all members of the Nevis LLC.

What Constitutes Capital in a Nevis LLC

Capital in a Nevis LLC refers to any donation or promise to donate cash, property and services in exchange for an ownership interest.

Due to the LLC’s in-built structure to avoid withholding tax on dividends, members do not issue shares.

Simplified Charter

As alluded to earlier, limited liability companies do not have elaborate Memorandum and Articles.

Rather, they are governed by Articles of Organization which lay out essential details like name, address of registered office, registration date and number.

Among others, Operating Agreements lay out rules relating to:

  • The LLC’s purpose
  • Duration
  • Capital contributions
  • Division of profits and losses
  • Administration
  • Termination and liquidation

Protecting Assets with a Nevis LLC

Nevis limited liability companies operate to safeguard assets in various ways; through:

  • Limited liability
  • Its own separate, legal persona
  • Treating membership interest as personal property ( rights, voting powers and qualifications) which restrict creditor claims from attaching to LLC property
  • Its ability to have legal ownerships of property, shares and offshore bank accounts
  • Its capacity form part of a sophisticated asset protection structure

LLC Trademark Registration and Protection

Please ask about our company trademark registration in Anguilla, Dominica and/or Nevis. To protect the exclusive rights to your offshore company’s business name and collective marks, we recommend legal registering its trademarks: logos, slogan, business name and any other marks.

  • Company trademark registration is renewable, with an initial validity period of ten years
  • Affordable Trademark registration options for Nevis LLCs in one, two or three jurisdictions
  • Reliable, efficient registration services
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