Tax Haven Dominica

Consider Dominica, a highly recommended jurisdiction for IBCs. Our headquarters are situated in Dominica and we have been offering Dominica companies, and economic citizenship services for over 15 years. As a tax haven, Dominica is solid, with offshore laws that appeal to our clients, ensuring privacy and tax free companies.

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About Dominica

The Commonwealth of Dominica is known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean” owing to its extravagant, lush, and varied flora and fauna and a diverse wildlife population including over 100 species of birds.

Dominica’s extensive forested lands are protected by a network of wide-ranging natural park systems, and are by far the most mountainous island in the Lesser Antilles. This small island in the middle of the chain of Caribbean islands covers an area of just 290 sq miles, and is home to a modest population of 70,000 including 3000 indigenous Kalinago (Carib) Indians. Quick facts on Dominica include:

  • 290 sq. mi. (753 km2)
  • Population: 70,000
  • Capital: Roseau 21,000
  • Language: English + French patois (Creole)
  • Money: EC$ 2,7 = US$ 1
  • Member of United Nations
  • Member of the British Commonwealth and CARICOM
  • Member of OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States)
  • Independent: since 1978 (former British colony)
  • Head of the State: President
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister

Second citizenship can prove to be an invaluable option for many who need a second passport. Enquire about CCP Inc.’s support services for Dominica economic citizenship program. Please click this link for more information about Dominica Economic Citizenship .

Dominica Company Formation

By incorporating in Dominica, get a 20 year tax break, quick offshore incorporation service from our friendly, professional staff, plus an IBC customized to adapt to your needs.

Dominica registers numerous IBCs on a yearly basis and has acquired a reputation for same-day incorporation. This was further enhanced by recent changes to the Registry which created a more international business focused system for quicker offshore incorporation support.

For unbeatable rates and packages, a Dominica IBC is your best bet. Plus, you get incorporation requirements that are easily satisfied, allowing you to register without hassle or confusion.

Be smart and incorporate an IBC in Dominica. Don’t hesitate, and be able to:

  • Manage overseas transactions through offshore accounts
  • Build on international investment portfolios
  • Expand cross-border reach for trading and commercial activities
  • Transfer personal wealth as capital and hedge against potential loss from legal damages
  • Maximize capacity to lower tax obligations

Dominica’s body of statutes for offshore services and IBCs includes:

  • International Business Companies (IBC) Act (1996)
  • Offshore Banking Act 8 (1996)

To learn more about the Dominica IBCs and how to register, go to Dominica IBC where you will find details concerning share capital, naming the company, shareholders and directors.

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All Inclusive Dominica Company Package from $940