Dominica Company

Dominica company formation has been a fast growing financial service due to the many advantages derived from the Dominica International Business Company. We help clients apply for offshore bank accounts while or after incorporating an IBC and provide a range of additional services to facilitate the quick start-up of companies.

Standard Dominica IBC Package from $940 Dominica IBC Package with Nominees from $1,190

Dominica IBC

International Business Companies were introduced in Dominica in 1996 under the International Business Company Act (IBC Act).

Dominica IBCs create the opportunity for foreign corporations and individuals to register a company for the purpose of cross-border tax and estate planning, trade and various commercial activities.

In particular, these companies have been suitable in enabling owners to conduct their affairs discreetly in any country of their personal choosing.

Requirements for IBC Formation

Dominica is considered as one of the most incorporation-friendly jurisdictions due to efficient systems and procedures for company registration.

  • One person can incorporate
  • The number of directors and shareholders depends on the persons forming the company
  • Incorporation can be performed by corporations and private individuals
  • An authorised share capital must be stated
  • All members are required to be non-resident foreign nationals
  • No secretary is required in order to incorporate
  • Proposed IBC name must be acceptable, non-offensive, non-discriminatory
  • Name endings may include — Limited (Ltd), Incorporated (Inc.), Sociedad Anonima (SA), Corporation (Corp.)
  • Nominee director and shareholder services are available

Benefits of Dominica IBC

Remedying onerous tax liability is as easy as registering an IBC in Dominica. In so doing, you enable yourself to maximize profits and income, while preserving wealth.

A few benefits of the Dominica IBC include that they are:

  • Companies with limited liability
  • Possess a separate legal persona from owners
  • Not subject to tax on income, profits, inheritance, gifts, dividends, interest and duties
  • Capable of conducting cross-border business activities
  • Ideal for investing and accumulating returns in a tax free environment
  • Perfect for owning offshore bank accounts

Meetings, Accounts, Maintenance of IBCs

  • Meetings are held as often as directors and shareholders determine
  • Minutes of meetings must be safely stored
  • Accounts must be prepared and stored accordingly
  • No requirement to file taxes annually as IBCs are tax exempt
  • Annual fees must be paid to keep IBCs in good standing

Company Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Statutory provisions protect the privacy of Dominica offshore companies
  • All particulars of shareholders and directors are kept at the registered office
  • Information sharing with third parties is upon consent of the IBC’s owners
  • Names and addresses are not required at Registry for registration purposes
  • The appointment of Nominee Members further safeguard privacy

Trademark Registration Services for IBCs

Please ask about our company trademark registration in Anguilla, Dominica and/or Nevis. To protect the exclusive rights to your offshore company’s business name and collective marks, we recommend legal registering its trademarks: logos, slogan, business name and any other marks.

  • Company trademark registration is renewable, with an initial validity period of ten years
  • Affordable Trademark registration options for Dominica IBCs in one, two or three jurisdictions
  • Reliable, efficient registration services

Standard Dominica IBC Package from $940 Dominica IBC Package with Nominees from $1,190