Offshore Trust Formation

Will an offshore trust work for you and is it what you need? Trusts create the possibility of tax savings, impenetrable asset protection and are excellent for estate planning devices. Creating a trust in these unstable times will not disappoint.

International Trust Formation in Belize and Nevis

Offshore trust formation in Belize and Nevis is facilitated fully online.

Forming an offshore trust means entering into an agreement or arrangement of trust between you (the settlor/grantor) and a trustee (an individual, lawyer or licensed trust company). The trust becomes constituted upon the transfer of legal ownership rights of assets from you to the trustee.

Generally, settlors appoint trustees. We also provide trustee service that may interest you. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Offshore Trust Formation Process

Once you have identified the key elements of your international trust: the trustee, the beneficiaries, the type and quantity of assets, and other details your next step is to have your solicitor/attorney prepare the Trust Deed. Alternatively, our lawyer can draw up the trust deed.

Online ordering

Our online form makes it to give all essential details concerning your trust order. To access it, go to: online offshore trust formation form . Upon submission of trust orders, we confirm receipt. Our confirmation email provides necessary links and guidelines to complete the trust formation process.

If you do not wish to form international trusts online, please contact us by phone or email and we will handle your International Trust formation offline.

A very reliable offshore asset protection structure can be established by having your offshore company (Offshore LLC or Offshore IBC) shares held in the offshore trust

Know Your Client and due diligence

All international trust formations require Know Your Customer (KYC) standards to be observed. To do this, a copy of your passport, proof of residential address, bank and professional references are required. KYC documents are only for our files. Please contact us for further details.

Duration of Trust Formation

Offshore trusts in Nevis and Belize are created within one week. This time varies, however, depending on the complexity of clients’ requirements, our receipt of payment, all relevant details and KYC documents.


The offshore trust formation inquiries will be responded within a day of contacting us during CCP work hours which are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 (GMT −4). Information exchanged during trust formation is treated with absolute confidentiality.

Great Fees and Packages

We offer unbeatable prices and a comprehensive offshore formation service. To view prices, go to our Offshore Trust Prices page.

Shipment and Deliveries

We only use internationally recognized courier services to ship paperwork.

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