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Offshore Asset Protection

Feel free to call or email us for free advice on how to devise your own asset protection strategy in any of the tax-sheltered havens we offer. See how our devices work to give you maximum tax efficiency and safety. Remember, an early start is always wise.

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Guarding What You Own. Paths to Financial Security

Offshore asset protection refers to the use of legal and financial methods regulated under the jurisdiction of a foreign country to hedge assets against domestic risks.

Asset protection is nothing new and surely no longer is an esoteric subject. Economic, social and political disquiet over the years has compelled people and businesses alike to seek ways to protect their interests both in terms of preserving assets and accumulating wealth.

Much of this has been facilitated by cheap, instantaneous methods of communication as well as regulatory mechanisms aimed at creating conditions conducive to tax-advantaged business climates and structures.

Advanced Contingency Planning

Timing is of the essence for any successful contingency plan. No one should wait until the signs of bankruptcy, divorce, death or litigation become overly obvious or inevitable.

Getting the Right Device

We only create and recommend offshore structures that are fully tax-sheltered and capable of delivering solutions to individual circumstances. Knowing which offshore device best suits your needs or asking for advice is necessary for achieving optimal results and benefits which flow from every structure that we offer.

Offshore Companies

IBCs, LLCs and UK Companies for instance are best-suited for corporations and individuals with trading and investment interests. They inhere asset protective features such as limited liability and legal personality which make doing business safer with a reduced chance of personal financial loss.

Offshore Trusts and Foundations

Unlike offshore companies, these devices target inheritance and estate planning. Offshore trusts and foundations are often used as investment vehicles so that the property they hold can increase in value. However, decisions to invest must be sound and investments must not be pursued too vigorously as in the case of offshore companies for the mere reason that trade and investment does not form the object/purpose of offshore trusts and foundations.

All-in One Strategy

The limitations of each offshore device can be resolved by undertaking an all-in one strategy or combined asset protection approach. By this we mean, forming an offshore trust or foundation whose trustee or founder is an IBC or LLC, or incorporating an IBC or LLC whose shares are held by a trustee or a foundation. By so doing, profit-oriented, investment, estate planning and management activities can be strategically carried out through the relevant vehicle.

Customize Your Offshore Asset Protection Package

Offshore Banking

Last but surely not the least, offshore banking provides the finishing touch. Privacy, tax-sheltered accounts, a secure platform for international transfers, transactions and access to sophisticated banking facilities make any offshore asset protection device or strategy complete. We have gone the extra mile to provide access to the best offshore banking institutions.

Erecting a tax-free hedge around assets does not only guard against risks, but provides a safe and timely conduit for planning and administering estate for future financial security for you, your business or loved ones.

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