Aged Offshore Shelf Companies

Do you need an offshore company, but have no time for the full process of company formation? Well, that’s one of the ways in which shelf companies are useful for some of our clients, besides that they are unused offshore companies, with no history and no accounts. We have a bank of shelf companies with random company names and various name endings for you to choose.

What is an Offshore Shelf Company?

An offshore shelf company is a company that is formed and incorporated by CCP Inc. or CCP sister companies some time before in an offshore tax haven and is available for immediate use.

Age Range of Shelf Companies

Generally, our companies on the Offshore Shelf Companies List are not less than a year old. The older the company the more valuable it is to the client.

Our shelf companies are incorporated and then left to “age” until we decide to put the aged offshore company up for sale, or get a specific request for a company formed in a particular year.

Company Names and Membership

Our large stock of shelf companies have practical and attractive business names, with various company name endings (Ltd. Inc. Corp. etc.). We offer shelf companies with either nominee directors or your appointed directors. Nominee shareholders are available free of charge.

Business History

Off the shelf companies are unused and do not have any business/or operations history or bank account. They are simply incorporated companies that are fully renewed (up to the year of purchase) in the respective registry (all fees are paid up, and the company is kept in good standing).

Once the shelf company is bought, it must be renewed each year in order to keep it in good standing.

Offshore Shelf Company Benefits

If a company’s reliability can get doors opened or reinforce your business position, a shelf company will offer that credibility, in that it is inferred that a company with age, has a history and will be more readily accepted than a one day old company.

Time Saving

If you need a company instantly — the shelf company is ideal as it is already incorporated, and no major paper work is required. You may amend the original incorporation details as regards to the directors, share capital, share currency, etc to suit your specific needs.

Full IBC or LLC Benefits

Offshore shelf companies are International Business Companies (IBCs) and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). This means that they:

  • are exempted from taxation
  • can be used internationally as commercial
  • can be used to own offshore bank accounts
  • are ideal for asset protection and tax planning

Great Pricing

All of these benefits can be yours by simply purchasing one of our offshore shelf or ‘aged’ companies at an unbeatably low cost.

Buy an offshore shelf company now at the lowest prices.

You can purchase from us, offshore ready-made companies in Dominica, Nevis, Anguilla, Belize and Panama. We have both LLC and IBC shelf companies available. Please contact us if you have more questions on off the shelf offshore companies, and take your time to browse through our List of Offshore Shelf Companies .

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