UK Company

We highly recommend our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for UK companies (UK LLP and UK Ltd.). These specialized tasks are time consuming and best done by professionals who know about UK companies, Accounting and Bookkeeping requirements. It is important to comply with accounting and tax filing rules whether or not tax is payable depending on non-residency status and overseas based earnings and management. We make it affordable service for our clients who incorporate UK companies with our company.

Compliance requirements for UK companies include accounting, bookkeeping and tax filing.

Our accounting partners in the UK, are certified professionals, affordable and will assist UK companies in the preparation of financial statements and tax filing, including:

  • Notifying HM Revenue & Customs of company commencement
  • PAYE for Directors/Employees
  • Preparation of VAT registration forms
  • Active Company or LLP Annual Return
  • Dormant Company Annual Return

UK Companies Joint Bookkeeping and Accounting

We offer two Joint Bookkeeping and Accounting packages (for two categories of income); UK Company Accounting and bookkeeping packages include preparing and submitting:

  1. Company accounts
  2. Abbreviated accounts where applicable
  3. Company tax returns
  4. Self Assessment returns to HMRC (up to 2 directors)
  5. Verification of returns, to ensure that you have claimed all possible expenses

These services are contracted after the company begins to engage in trading activity.

Click on this link for Joint Accounting and UK bookkeeping price list for UK companies. We can provide further quotations upon request . Contact Us for further Information.

UK Company Nominee Secretary Services

Appointing a secretary is optional, therefore if not appointed a designated director is responsible for accounting and filing taxes.

In the absence of and not wishing to designate a director, our Nominee Secretary service can be used. Secretarial duties include:

  • Maintaining the statutory register
  • Informing the Companies House of any change in company ownership
  • Making the records available for inspection by authorities, if requested
  • Ensuring the Company files annual accounts and returns on time
  • Registration for PAYE, VAT and Nation Insurance Contributions (NIC)

A Nominee secretary can be ordered online while completing the company formation form. Please refer to company formation UK Pricelist for your Accounting Services for pricing of these services.

UK Corporation and Personal Income Taxes

UK corporation tax rates remain one of the lowest taxes within the EU. UK Companies are charged a Corporation Tax at the rate of 20% for annual profits under £300000 and 24% for annual profits over £300,000.

From April 1, 2014, the tax rate for UK Companies with profits of GBP300,000 or less is 20%, and 21% for UK companies with profits above GBP300,000.

Personal income tax rates for tax year 2013/2014 are shown below.

Personal Income Tax rate Taxable Income Bands
20% £0-£34,370
40% £34,371-£150,000
50% Over £150,000

Directors (UK Ltd) and members (UK LLP) are expected to file assessments even though all earnings are outside the UK and no tax is due.

Filing assistance is provided by our partners under the Joint Accounting Package .