Offshore Foundation Formation

What is an offshore foundation and how is it used? Have all your questions answered in this section. We feature foundations from four established tax havens: Anguilla, Belize, Nevis, Panama. Instructions and registration is managed by our team of foundation attorneys.

Timing is critical in any asset protection and wealth management plan. Setting up a structure that enables you to organize affairs according to your own wishes is fulfilling, and indeed a wise decision.

Our formation support for offshore foundations aims to facilitate just that, whether you select Anguilla, Belize, Nevis or Panama.

Plus, as your agent, you can be certain of receiving a government authorised, licensed service from CCP Inc.

CCP’s Offshore Foundation Service

We guarantee convenient, easy set up

Offshore foundations are asset protection vehicles, tax free and can be conveniently set up via our Offshore Foundation Formation Form .

If you do not wish to proceed with offshore foundation formation, please contact us by phone or email. We will handle your foundation formation offline.

Confirming orders

Within minutes of receiving orders, we send an email notification with links to the necessary forms needed to begin the formation process. Complete all forms and send back to us via email (to start the process), with originals couriered to us (where applicable).

Know Your Client and due diligence

This process involves submitting specific documents: a copy of your passport, a utility bill or bank statement as a means to verify residential address, bank and professional references (where applicable).

KYC documents can be scanned, emailed or faxed to us; where originals are required they must be eventually sent via courier before we ship any paperwork for foundations.


Documents submitted are for our eyes only and are not filed externally. Information exchanged when forming foundations is entirely confidential. Plus, we only use internationally recognized courier services to deliver paperwork.

Formation Delay

Foundations in Anguilla, Belize, Nevis and Panama can be formed within a week. However, depending on the jurisdiction and the structure and complexity of the foundation, the process may take more or less time.

Nominee Members for Councils

We offer nominee council member services for all offshore foundations.

Here you can learn more about Offshore Foundations as well as Offshore Foundations vs Offshore Trusts .

Great Prices

Our formation prices and packages are the best on the market and competitively priced. Check our Offshore Foundation Prices .

We also offer discounted Offshore Asset Protection Packages where shares of your offshore company will be held by an offshore foundation.

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