Using Offshore Asset Protection

Asset protection options from CCP Inc. are affordable and wide ranging. Choose from different types of offshore companies (LLC or IBC), offshore trusts, offshore foundations or combinations of offshore companies and trusts/foundations. Read this section to choose which asset protection package suits you.

Offshore Asset Protection Advantages

Asset protection offshore has many advantages that are absent in asset protection domestically. A few of these advantages include:

  • Undertaking wealth planning and protection efforts discreetly
  • Pursuing investment and other financial interests in a tax free setting
  • Being protected by laws which a specially designed for this purpose
  • Avoid filing wills at the Probate Court which is public
  • Provide for children who are under-aged at the time of making the will or incapacitated
  • Reduce personal net worth by transferring legal ownership of assets to these structures

Integrated Asset Protection Techniques

Such techniques involve the use of two or more offshore structures, such as an IBC + foundation with an offshore bank account. In such an arrangement, both structures are legally independent persons and the foundation holds (owns) the IBC’s shares.

Various objectives can be met with this strategy, particularly:

  • protecting the ownership of shares (hence the IBC)
  • protecting property owned both by the founder and the IBC
  • effective accrual of income and returns of both the IBC and foundation routed through the offshore account

For details on how different structures operate, please see our pages on offshore trusts ; offshore foundations and offshore companies (Offshore LLC or Offshore IBC).

Customized Nominee Membership

Enhanced privacy can be achieved by selecting our nominee formation packages which are adapted to the structure in question.

Examples: IBC — nominee shareholder and director; foundation — nominee council and founder; trusts — nominee trustee and settlor; LLC — nominee member.

Asset protection packages can be ordered using our online Offshore Asset Protection Package Order Form .

Setting up Asset Protection Packages

CCP makes formation of the offshore asset protection packages easy and fast, offering all the services required- trustee (for trusts), secretary, nominees (for offshore companies) or member services (for foundations).

Once orders are confirmed, asset protection packages are completed within 3-7 days. If you are ready to order, go to offshore asset protection package form now .

To order offline by phone, fax or email, please contact us .

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