Open an Offshore Bank Account

Financial privacy, asset protection, tax advantages, and attractive currency exchange rates are some of the reasons companies utilize offshore banking. Offshore banking is an integral part of any offshore venture. Offshore accounts (company/brokerage) can be set up for the companies, trusts or foundations we design for you. Read up on our essential and affordable bank introduction services.

Offshore Bank & Brokerage Accounts

Offshore bank accounts are at the heart of any offshore plan to preserve assets and mitigate tax liability.

With respect to offshore banking and accounts, we recommend different offshore banks at which clients can conduct their affairs discreetly, plus:

  • Establish an international presence
  • Develop investment portfolios
  • Avoid withholding tax on interest
  • Eliminate currency fluctuation related expenses due to no exchange controls
  • Open merchant accounts to facilitate online and overseas business

Our bank introduction service is comprehensive, as we:

  • Prepare all corporate documents necessary for opening the account
  • Communicate with the offshore bank on clients’ behalf in case of delays or other difficulties
  • Provide all account application forms
  • Give guidelines for successful applications

Many offshore banks have established a policy which requires clients to open accounts only through offshore companies (ie, offshore corporate accounts) formed by licensed agents. It is on this basis that we act as intermediaries for our clients who incorporate companies and also wish to open offshore accounts.

We partner only with professional offshore banking and brokerage institutions with established, flawless track records.

Since we also handle offshore company incorporation , we save you time. To form an IBC, LLC, or UK Company, please visit our offshore incorporation form page.

Please take note that we do not assist with opening personal offshore accounts.

We are one of few companies offering UK bank accounts without our clients having to travel to the UK. We have a high success rate with account applications. Before you choose a UK bank we will assess your requirements help you choose the most suitable UK bank.

Incorporate Your Company Now And Get Your Offshore Bank Account!