Anguilla Foundation

Anguilla foundations are ideally structured to safeguard wealth. You are not restricted to any single tax planning or asset protection strategy as we help create multi-purpose asset protection strategies using IBCs and foundations so that one device complements the other in its own unique way.

All Inclusive Anguilla Foundation from $1640 All Inclusive Anguilla Foundation with Nominee from $1890

Anguilla Offshore Foundations

Estate and tax planning requires proper timing in order to effectively preclude the loss of assets to unforeseen threats.

Begin to guard what you own by setting up a foundation in the island of Anguilla, — a reputable, fully fledged zero-tax shelter for offshore entities.

Numerous corporations and individuals have benefited from Anguilla offshore foundations since the passage of the Foundation Act in 2008.

We handle all procedures necessary to establish these structures in Anguilla, which can be set up either through a

  1. Declaration of Establishment which must be made in writing and signed by a founder, or alternatively,
  2. Testamentary declaration of establishment made by a single founder, under a will, compliant with the Wills Act and probated in the High Court.

Anguilla Offshore Foundation Key Facts

Property (shares, land, gifts etc.) transferred to the foundation must have a minimum value of US$10,000.

  • Foundations can be formed by one or more founders (individuals or corporations);
  • A founder, council, beneficiary and registered are compulsory for formation
  • Foreign law is excluded so that no foundation can be set aside, made defective or void;
  • In absence of a permanent resident of Anguillan a Council member, a secretary must be appointed;
  • A secretary must be resident in Anguilla, and can be the registered agent;
  • The secretary ought not be the sole member of the Council;
  • A Guardian may be appointed if allowed by the Declaration of Establishment
  • Anguilla offshore foundations are restricted from investing and owning property in Anguilla;
  • Accounts, records and minutes must be maintained

Built-in Asset Protection Features of Anguilla Foundation

Founders can guard foundation’s assets against future threats or undesirable circumstances presented by or attached to the foundation’s purpose or object, beneficiary or any rule of law.

To this end, the Anguilla Foundation Act contains:

  • Restriction against alienation provisions to guard foundation property from alienation, seizure or sale in the event of bankruptcy, insolvency or liquidation with respect to the foundation’s beneficiary or purpose
  • Forfeiture of benefits provisions that allow the Declaration or By-laws to set conditions for the beneficiary to forfeit any right or benefit if he/she challenges the Declaration or establishment of the foundation or transfer of any assets to it.
  • Provisions entitling the beneficiary to enforce proper administration of the foundation by the Council
  • The option to register an Anguilla foundation as part of the formation procedure or having it deposited to the Registrar after it is formed.

Take this bold step and become the founder of your future’s security today.

Regular Anguilla Foundation Package — $1640! Anguilla Foundation Packages with Nominee Council Member — $1890!