Offshore Corporations in Dominica

The offshore corporations from Dominica are the most attractive offshore vehicles at present. We specialize in Dominica corporations and we offer Dominica IBC companies at the lowest prices guaranteed. Setting up your offshore corporation and bank account through CCP Inc. will save you time and money each and every year.


Offshore Corporations from Dominica are the most attractive offshore vehicles in the present market. More than that, we offer you an offshore corporation at absolutely the lowest price. This means that setting up your offshore corporation through CCP Inc., you will save at the time of incorporation and every year thereafter in a big way. We can also offer you ready to go offshore bank accounts from onshore and offshore banks for which we are the official agent.

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We accept credit cards such as: Visa, Master card, American Express and Discovery, online by fax or by phone.

Currently Dominica proposes the fastest Offshore Corporation Registration Service in the offshore world. Online registration of Dominica offshore corporations only takes a quarter of an hour. Efficient systems and highly motivated providers of offshore services will insure the same day registration to achieve tax efficiency in your business and investment operations.


Offshore Corporations registration and a wide range of other offshore services, including bank introduction and merchant accounts for tax efficient e-commerce are provided by CCP Inc. You can apply and pay for offshore companies online: you can check the name availability for the Dominican corporation in real time mode (through The High Court Registry in the Commonwealth of Dominica), fill the incorporation forms and pay for our services on line! We offer a wide selection of shelf (vintage) companies which have never been used.

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Offshore Corporations do not have to be expensive. We offer fast professional offshore incorporation at affordable prices. To make it easier for our clients, we created packages for the registration of a Dominica Corporation that include the most essential and frequently asked for offshore products at discounted prices. To find out what each package includes and the price as well as the list of other supplementary services for offshore corporations, please refer to this page again: Prices — Packages Page