Anguilla LLC

What are the Anguilla LLC benefits and why do we recommend this company? Read on for information on the Anguilla Limited Liability Company and tax savings opportunities. Company formation is a completely secure online process. The Anguilla LLC can be set up with your own members or you can use our nominee services.

Standard Anguilla LLC Package from $940 Anguilla LLC Package with Nominees from $1190

Anguilla Company (Anguilla LLC)

Like its Wyoming, Delaware and Nevisian counterparts, the Anguilla Limited Liability Company (LLC) is by nature a hybrid vehicle.

It possesses key features of partnerships and corporations; — partnerships in terms of the:

  • Possibility of both ownership and management by members
  • Absence of rigid separation of powers and duties, as in director vs. shareholder
  • Establishment of a formal Agreement which governs operations and members
  • Absence of a board of directors
  • Pass through tax structure whereby tax on revenue is passed on to members as income tax
  • Accumulation of capital through donations by members,

and of the corporation with respect to:

  • legal persona and limited liability

Benefits which flow from the Anguilla LLC as an offshore company include of all of the features listed above including:

  • Full tax exemption on member income, profits, transfers, dividends, interests
  • Quick registration procedures
  • Appropriate conditions for running small businesses
  • Capable of integration into a wider asset protection strategy
  • Continuation of foreign LLCs into Anguilla
  • Continuation of Anguilla LLCs out of Anguilla
  • Adaptable structure permits name and membership changes, mergers, consolidations

Anguilla LLC Formation

Anguilla’s formation requirements for limited liability companies create suitable conditions for easy registration. Some attractive features include:

  • Allows ownership by a sole member
  • Individuals and corporate bodies can incorporate
  • No need for local member necessary for formation of LLCs
  • Appointment of a secretary not necessary for formation
  • Business-friendly rules for LLC names and endings (LLC, L.L.C., Limited Liability Company)
  • Name reservation facility

Meetings, Accounts and Maintenance

  • Meetings are held at the discretion of members in Anguilla or overseas
  • Minutes of any meeting held must be maintained
  • Simple account filing requirements
  • Yearly continuing registration (renewal) fee payable

Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Personal details of members stored only at registered office
  • Statute based privacy rules and regulations
  • Information sharing with third parties only upon permission of members
  • Nominee membership available for extra privacy

Trademark Registration Services

Please ask about our company trademark registration in Anguilla, Dominica and/or Nevis. To protect the exclusive rights to your LLC’s business name and collective marks, we recommend legal registering its trademarks: logos, slogan, business name and any other marks.

  • Company trademark registration is renewable, with an initial validity period of ten years
  • Affordable Trademark registration options for the Anguilla LLC in one, two or three jurisdictions
  • Reliable, efficient registration services

Standard Anguilla LLC Package from US $940 Anguilla LLC Package with Nominees from US $1190