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A country which sparks interest for its Spanish speaking neighbors yet preserved English language and heritage, Belize presents a superb suite of offshore financial products: foundations, limited liability companies, international business companies and offshore banking, to name a few. Make Belize your safe haven from high taxes and a gateway to sound wealth planning.

All Inclusive Belize Trust Package from $1340
All Inclusive Belize Company Package from $1,040
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About Belize

Belize, formally called British Honduras, was once a British colony, which gained full independence from Britain in 1981. With this influence, Belize is uniquely the only country found in Central America where the official language is English. Mexico is to the north of Belize, Guatemala to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The nation covers just less than 9,000 sq. miles with a diverse population of over 300,000 inhabitants. Belize is one of the few countries with very strong ties to both the Caribbean and Latin American communities; and Belize is an active member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) body. Belize economy is sustained by its tourism, manufacturing and its offshore services sector/financial services. The Blue hole which is in the Barrier reef is one of Belize’s internationally known and recognized marine attractions. The islands that surround Belize, the Cayes, are tourist hot spots.

Belize Offshore Services

It is never too late to preserve already-existing assets; or to devise a plan which enables wealth to accumulate in a tax-sheltered environment known to you alone. This is what offshore trusts, foundations and companies are about.

Belize’s tax-deprived regime for these tools create the opportunity for trustees, foundation councils, IBC boards and LLC members to organize personal, corporate and charity or private purpose-oriented matters in a manner that lowers tax spending, maximizes profits on income/investment returns, and the potential to plan estate.

Offshore devices, IBCs, LLCs, foundations and trusts cannot be made void or defective by the laws of any foreign jurisdiction. This is the privilege you are entitled to by making this offshore haven your jurisdiction of choice.

Belize is your number one location for offshore incorporation if seeking (to):

  • Professional delivery of offshore formation services
  • Increase capacity to do business and invest overseas
  • Discreetly manage property and transfer matters
  • Operate using a tax-sheltered structure

Underpinning the offshore sector are sound laws which aim to regulate devices and companies registered in Belize. These include the:

  • International Limited Liability Companies Act (2011)
  • International Foundations Act (2010)
  • International Business Companies Act (1990)
  • Trusts Act (2002)

Belize company incorporation, Belize Foundation and Belize Trust formation requirements are minimal, promising efficient registration procedures.

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All Inclusive Belize Trust Package from $1340
All Inclusive Belize Company Package from $1,040
All Inclusive Belize Foundation Package from $1590