Tax Haven Anguilla

If considering Anguilla as your tax shelter of choice, here’s all you need to know. Find out about Anguilla’s offshore regime, tax planning tools and how you can benefit. We promote three main offshore products in Anguilla: offshore companies (IBC, LLC) and offshore foundations.

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About Anguilla

Anguilla is a small low lying, flat coral island of no more than 36 sq miles and it is the most northern island in the leeward island chain in the Caribbean. To its west is the island of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Anguilla is a British overseas Territory, which means that it is a dependent of the United Kingdom, and the Queen of England is the head of state. Even so, there is an internal (local) government responsible for the overall local administration of the country and its small population of just over 13,000 residents.

Anguilla Offshore Services

A safe haven from taxes thanks to great registration support for Foundations, Limited Liability Companies and International Business Companies, Anguilla is an ideal location for preserving assets, mitigating tax liability and setting up offshore accounts for foreign transactions.

With modern, secure technology, payments and orders for company formation can be effortlessly completed online. Count on CCP Inc. for speedy, professional set up of your tax planning tool. Please follow this link to go straight to the offshore company formation form .

Anguilla Companies and Anguilla Foundations

Stake your claim to the tax-sheltered benefits of Anguilla registered companies and foundations, and enjoy;

  • Having no taxes to file
  • Better managing creditor and client related risks
  • Owning a private offshore account for transfers overseas
  • Exploring cross-border investments opportunities
  • Asserting greater control over privacy
  • Planning succession and managing estate

With access to such a safe haven from tax liability, there’s no need to question your potential for success in preserving assets and reducing tax burden.

Anguilla’s financial services sector is underpinned by a sound statutory framework by which offshore companies, entities and services are governed. Statutes include the:

  • International Business Companies Act (2000)
  • Limited Liability Company Act (2000)
  • Limited Liability Act (2000)
  • Anguilla Foundations Act (2000)
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Code, 2013

Anguilla leads in efficient offshore formation, thanks to the Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN) which creates the possibility of registering companies and foundation online.

For clients, this means having your LLC, IBC or foundation registered on the very same day on which it was ordered.

Introduced in 1998, ACORN indeed revolutionized Registry operations and the delivery of offshore financial services in Anguilla.

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All Inclusive Anguilla Company Package from $940
All Inclusive Anguilla Foundation Package from $1640