Renewal Forms for Existing Clients

Here is a step-by-step guide to our online Renewal and Payments form that keep your company in ‘good standing’. It is necessary to keep your company registered which is a legal obligation. To do this, you simply pay the continuing registration (renewal) fee on the company’s behalf.

Renew Asset Protection
Renew Offshore Companies
Renew Foundations and Trusts

Offshore companies, trusts and foundation are under a legal obligation to remain in ‘good standing’. Also, registered agent and office services must be maintained.

Our renewal prices include registered agent’s services, continuation registration fee to the government fee and nominee services for nominee packages. Renewal fees become payable from year two of the company, trust or foundation’s registration.

We issue reminders to client about 15-30 days before their renewal due date.

Company renewals can be completed via our secure online renewal process.

What would you like to renew? Follow these simple steps to renew online!

Step 1

Select the renewal option that applies. This will redirect to our renewal form.

Step 2

Complete all the relevant information fields (company, foundation, trusts, additional services, supplementary services and delivery information).

Step 3

Select the “Create invoice”, a pro forma invoice of your renewal order will show up, it will have order details and payment options. Review your renewal order carefully; if you need to make any changes, press the “Back” button on your browser and it will return to the previous form (refer to the step 2). Please print a copy, or save a copy of the invoice for your own records.

Step 4

Complete payment

  • For credit card payment, press the “proceed with online payment” button and it will redirect to our secure merchant page. Complete the payment details.
  • For wire transfer, Western Union, or Money Gram full payment details are provided at the bottom of the page.

Once we have received payment confirmation, we will send you an email confirmation of renewal.

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