Limited liability partnerships are hybrid tools with features adopted from the corporation and general partnership. UK LLPs share certain traits in common with the LLC, which too was created by combining certain features of the partnership and corporation. The LLP differs in that it is essentially a ‘partnership’, with limited liability, as opposed to a ‘company’.

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UK Limited Liability Partnerships were added to our suite of companies not merely as alternatives to IBCs and LLCs but due to their features which work well for the diverse demands of our clientele.

Flowing from this structure, limited liability partnerships offer unique benefits:

  • The absence of a board of directors
  • Easier decision-making
  • No separation of director/shareholder powers and duties
  • Gains, salaries/wages and earnings are treated as partner income for easier tax filing in an onshore/domestic context
  • The option to be member-, or partner-managed
  • Profits and losses are shared proportionally
  • Distinct, legal person from members
  • Capable of structuring into a fully tax-sheltered vehicle

Ideal Alternative to Sole Proprietorships

If you are a sole proprietor or a partner in a general partnership, the UK LLP provides an ideal substitute which limits liability.

  • UK registration opens doors to specific benefits, such as:
  • Access to EU tax treaty privileges with countless countries
  • Access to more than 100 anti-double tax treaties internationally
  • Opportunity for entry into EU markets

Quick Registration, Easy Maintenance

Registering UK LLPs require at least two (2) members (corporate or natural persons), a registered agent and office, and a statement of each member’s contribution towards capital.

  • The Partnership Agreement is not filed at the public registry
  • Same day UK LLP incorporation possible
  • Meetings are held at the discretion of members
  • Allocation of income is stated in the UK LLP Agreement
  • Income can be drawn on whether or not accumulated profits have satisfied business goals
  • Nominee members available

Designated Members

At least two (2) members must be appointed as ‘designate members’.

In the absence of designated members, the law automatically deems all members as ‘designated’.

What do they do? — Designated members are under administrative obligations akin to those of a secretary or director of a corporation.

What are some of these responsibilities? — Filing accounts, returns and other documents with the Registrar, representing the LLP during any winding-up, updating information re changes, such as changes in membership or name.

UK LLP as a Tax Free Device

By meeting certain conditions, UK LLPs can function as a fully fledged tax sheltered tools:

Non-residency : All members must be non-residents and non-nationals/citizens of the UK

Management : Administration, control, signing of contracts, meetings and decision-making must occur outside the UK.

Place of Business : All trade and income generating activity must be non-UK based

Yearly Returns : Accounts and financial statements must be filed to show UK and non-UK business with Company’s House.

If all non-residency/control/management conditions are satisfied, taxes are not applicable. If you do not have a designated, to ensure that filings are done in time and professionally, please go to our Pricelist for Bookkeeping/Accounting Services for UK LLP.

Please call us for more details on UK limited liability partnerships and how they can be structured as tax free entities.

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