UK Limited Company

The UK Limited Company is a reliable, low-tax alternative to the IBC, LLC and LLP. is a separate and legal entity. The ownership of the UK Ltd. Company is separate from the shareholder who owns it, and the director who manages and runs the company. The UK limited company provides its shareholders with limited liability.

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UK limited companies are not offshore vehicles in themselves but can be registered and owned by foreign corporations and individuals who live outside the UK.

To register a limited company in the UK, the basic requirements are:

  • One member at least (serving as director and shareholder)
  • At least one natural person if the company is formed by a corporation
  • Business name
  • Authorised share capital; minimum GBP1
  • Appointment of a secretary is not mandatory
  • Appointment of nominee members possible
  • We recommend capital of GBP1000 to reflect the stability and strength of the company.

UK Limited Company as an Alternative

As opposed to IBCs and LLCs, UK limited companies are subject to tax obligations. But our aim is to provide this entity as a means of entry to EU markets and utilize tax rules which allow reduced tax obligations.

In particular, UK limited liability companies are:

  • Free from scrutiny that offshore companies would be subject
  • Transparent according to EU standards because they pay taxes
  • Limited liability entities
  • Legal persons, separate from owners and officers
  • Internationally recognised
  • Benefit from EU and UK tax treaties and trade agreements

Building a non-resident low tax UK Company

To create a low tax UK Company, close attention must be paid to non-residency rules in respect of:

  • Country of management, control and decision-making
  • Members’ country of residence
  • Country of business

While meetings may be conducted in any manner convenient to members, it is important that the meetings themselves are held outside the UK and no director should be a UK-resident.

Agreements to execute decisions should be in writing, made outside the UK, and signed by non-UK resident directors.

UK Low Tax Holding Company and Agent Company

*Special care is needed where UK Ltd. Companies are holding and agent companies . For information on how to structure your UK Ltd. Company in these circumstances, please email or call us.

Also contact us for details on matters concerning:

  • PAYE, VAT, National Insurance Contributions
  • Annual general meeting
  • Filing accounts and tax returns
  • Audits and abbreviated accounting rules

We provide full suite of Accounting and Bookkeeping services for UK companies registered with us. Please refer to our Pricelist for UK Company Accounting Services.

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