Anguilla IBC

The Anguilla IBC is a tax efficient offshore company used for international business. On this page you will find complete information on the Anguilla IBC’s and company formation process. Our prices for offshore company formation are unbeatable as are the annual renewal fees.

Standard Anguilla IBC Package from $940 Anguilla IBC Package with Nominees from $1190

Anguilla Corporation (Anguilla IBC)

The Anguilla International Business Company (IBC) is a commercial vehicle endowed with the following beneficial features:

  • Modernized same-day incorporation procedure
  • Full, 100% tax exemption
  • No tax on income, profits, dividends, CGT, inheritance, estate, gifts
  • Business-friendly rules allow name and membership changes
  • Legal personality; limited liability

Anguilla Company Formation

  • A sole owner can be director and shareholder
  • Where there are two or members, a director can also be a shareholder
  • Local members not required to incorporate the company
  • Corporate directors and shareholders are permitted
  • No requirement for a secretary
  • Business-friendly rules for name endings: Inc., S.A., A.G., Co. Ltd., etc.
  • IBCs may leave Anguilla and continue into another jurisdiction
  • Preparation of M&A, Minutes, share certificates etc. required

Anguilla Company Share Capital

  • No max. limit on the capital value (set standard is US$50,000)
  • Shares can be issued with or without par value
  • Shares can be issued in any major recognizable currency

Meetings, Accounts and Maintenance

  • Reasonable accounts and records requirements
  • Affordable annual maintenance fees
  • No other administrative requirement required, other than those carried out by the agent annually
  • Members choose times to meet and deliberate on matters
  • Deliberations may occur in Anguilla or overseas
  • Minutes of all meetings held to be maintained

Confidentiality & Privacy

  • Closed registry whereby names of directors and are not accessed by the public
  • Appointment of nominee shareholders and directors provide additional privacy
  • Commercial confidentiality ensured by legislation
  • All relevant documentation remains at the registered office only

To date, Anguilla has registered over 25,000 IBCs.

Anguilla IBC Trademark Protection & Registration Services

Please ask about our company trademark registration in Anguilla, Dominica and/or Nevis. To protect your exclusive rights to your IBC’s business name and collective marks, we recommend legal registration of its trademarks: logos, slogan, business name and any other marks.

  • Company trademark registration is renewable, with an initial validity period of ten years
  • Affordable Trademark registration options for the Anguilla IBC in one, two or three jurisdictions
  • Reliable, efficient registration services for Anguilla IBCs

Standard Anguilla IBC Package from US $940 Anguilla IBC Package with Nominees from US $1190