UK Company Bank Account

We will provide introductions to three banks in UK. The UK bank account will be used for which ever UK companies your form with us. The UK banks we feature are all reputable banks providing international services for the UK company. UK companies will benefit from a UK bank account, increasing presence and reputation with clients and vendors. Banking in the UK is standard, once you get the bank account established; that is not so easily accomplished by non-resident clients, so our bank introduction services for business companies in the UK are invaluable for our clients. All UK banks feature online banking services.

We would all agree that in order for any corporate structure (domestic or offshore) to start trading and moving currency, they must first have bank account.

However, few company formation agents in the UK provide business bank accounts for UK companies incorporated with non-national owners. When non-resident offshore company owners independently pursue opening a UK bank account, they inevitably face many obstacles and are hardly ever successful. The process of opening a business bank account in UK even for UK registered companies with non-UK residents or companies as shareholders or directors is very difficult due to very strict due diligence/anti-money laundering procedures and compliance conditions, more so if the application is made remotely.

Through the sound relationships we have with the UK banks, our clients are accepted as being thoroughly vetted and eligible and we can guarantee you will open a business bank account in UK, providing you produce all documents required by the bank.

As a practice, we do not disclose the names of the UK banks we work with, until the company incorporation is complete and full payment for the services is rendered. Once your order for a UK business bank account introduction services, we will then reveal the names of the banks while we help you decide which bank is best for you. Most of the banks we represent have an international presence, and through the banks confidence in our vetting and KYC process, there is no requirement for our clients to visit the UK bank.

The selected banks with whom we have created relationships are familiar with the various offshore structures we set up for our clients.

The period for opening a UK company bank account varies depending upon the bank. On average it takes 2-4 weeks from the date we receive all application forms and supporting documents. The process is significantly shorter if you can visit the bank in person, which we can arrange in advance.

Documents and information required vary from bank to bank. Generally to open a UK company bank account you would need:

  • A notarized copy of signatory’s passport (legalised in the country of residence)
  • Verification of the permanent address (i.e. utility bill)
  • Personal bank statements (for the last three months)
  • Incorporation documents (Certified or Apostilled if the company is not a UK registered company)
  • A summary of the nature of business and products/services sold
  • An explanation of the company’s trading activities (suppliers/customers, payment methods, etc)
  • Projections on monthly trading activities on the account
  • Projection — monthly and annual (local and offshore) turnover of the UK business
  • Declaration of the source of funds
  • Declaration of source of wealth of the ultimate beneficial owner(s)
  • Type of service required from the bank
  • Purpose of opening a business bank account in UK

We will provide our full support and help you to complete your application. Ultimately it is the bank’s decision to open an account for your company. We are amongst very few companies who offer distant bank account openings in the UK and have a high success rate.

We will introduce you to a maximum of three banks in the UK. On rare occasions an application for a UK business bank account is not successful and a full refund of the Bank Introduction service fees is guaranteed.

Price for UK company bank account introduction in the UK is US $650

We do not offer UK business bank account introduction as a separate service (i.e. if you have not used our incorporation services).

Incorporate your UK company and open UK bank account now!